Assalamuallaikum Eropa 36 months 133 days ..

If it’s Mubah, only one I ask. A hope, prayer, wait never ends in vain if we really serious about it. One good day will arrive to who really wants to wait and how our sincerity will be it. Assalamuallaikum Eropa 36 months 133 days😌🙏 Post to 82 Rain isn’t always identical about sorrow, hurtLanjutkan membaca “Assalamuallaikum Eropa 36 months 133 days ..”

2020 still in Note ..

The sky might be so wide, but they wait to be spoken. Nature also admires and praises. A tear looks weak, but it’s a sign awaited and sounds beautiful. A patience will never end in vain. Who wants to wait, they will get the results. Stay patient and try when the soul still breathing. VALanjutkan membaca “2020 still in Note ..”

Don’t force yourself, When your eyes get tired ..

What would you do when you can’t sleep? You did everything but eyes keep awake even not just for 1 day but for days even weeks😰💤 Every thinker certainly they can sleep. But the subconscious mind will prevent to. Even when you sleep, you aren’t really. The mind will not really off even, they keepLanjutkan membaca “Don’t force yourself, When your eyes get tired ..”

The Secret of October Month ..

For this post, I want to write is easy and relax just for intermezzo. I try to mix between philosophy and poetry again .. So, happy reading and good night all 00:28 a.m thx☺🌷 A hard rock is impossible if they don’t have a heart. They have but unable to express it. VA What youLanjutkan membaca “The Secret of October Month ..”

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