Assalamuallaikum Eropa 36 months 133 days ..

If it’s Mubah, only one I ask. A hope, prayer, wait never ends in vain if we really serious about it. One good day will arrive to who really wants to wait and how our sincerity will be it. Assalamuallaikum Eropa 36 months 133 days😌🙏

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Rain isn’t always identical about sorrow, hurt everything is dark. Sometimes it’s a sign of happiness. A happiness, gratitude, freedom will be created if we remove all burden we have. Nature, plants, land, wind, birds will dance in joy. Like the sky give a grace to us. A true happiness will come to who really waiting for. The union of two white doves isn’t easy before we go through a long wait and process🕊Even Adam and Hawa can meet and get back together after a long wait, process and prayer. Every rain that falls never been in vain if we hope and pray earnestly. A sincere smile will wait at the right time.

Hari begitu cerah
Pelangi begitu berwarna
Ku lihat …
Raut kebahagiaan terpancar
Dalam senyummu yang indah
Di hari yang bahagia
Suara sorak-sorai terdengar
Ku selalu …
Menitipkanmu dalam setiap doaku
Semoga …
Kau selalu dalam lindungan-Nya

Suatu yang terpisah ku percaya
Suatu saat nanti kita kan bersama
Dalam restu ikatan suci nan tulus

Suatu hari kan tiba
Ketika matahari menyapa
Kau selalu dalam hari-hariku
Dengan senyum dan matamu yang lembut

Bahagiamu adalah bahagiaku
Dukamu adalah dukaku

Biarkan hari-hari berlalu tanpa suara
Biarkan hati, gestur …
Saling menatap
Saling menjelaskan

Selamat Ulang Tahun
Semoga kebahagiaan, kemudahan
Selalu menyertaimu
Laa Haula Walaa Quwwata Illaa Billah .. 😌🎂💐

Vee Aozoraa

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