Eyes & Heart close, Closer than Flower petal & stem .. Ikhlas (sincere)

Hello everybody, October arrived .. it’s time to back to Laptop, back to writing life😉 Happy October month and happy reading🌿

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When you decide to be silent, actually you aren’t silent. Your heart and mind keep talking but no one can hear it. Not all must be expressed in words. Eyes and Heart are close indeed, closer than flower petal and stem🌹 They difficult to separate but they can’t cover up the truth each other because that’s where the pure truth is saved. So, let the eyes and heart reveal the veil of truth. Sometimes to go forward, we have to go one step back. To get up, we have to fall down. To be Ikhlas (sincere), we have to let it go. Let the dark fog come but we stay strong. Let the grass sway but we don’t bother each other🌾 Flowers can fall out but it doesn’t take a long time to bloom again🌸 So, keep going through it and be patient. Because the clouds aren’t always possible to be dark. After dark, there will be light. VA


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Welcome to My Primary Web @vaozoraaofficial. Vee Aozoraa or VA from Indonesia. She graduated of Literature in Senior High School also at Diponegoro University'11 (Linguistic). She is someone who likes to write and read about poetry and philosophy (author & reader). She try to share some of her written into Philosophy of Life/Javanese, Poetry (modern, free, abstract, sonnet), Philosophical Poetry and Poem which those are about Literature, Non Fiction and Real Story writings of her, fact around, common really happened. She prefer to take object about nature and abstract for subjects here #naturelover #peacelover.😉🌿 Hmm, when idea and inspirations coming take a book and pen. Let's write, Keep write📝 If you love a field you take, they will also love you. Love your life, study and work. Be yourself as you are. Thanks for visit, like, follow and Happy Reading guys .. Nice to know you, Best Regards☺🌷You can also find and follow me on my second web https://aozoraaveeofficial.blogspot.com thx

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